ATTENDANCE: Darwin Gushard, Cindy DeSantiago, Wayne Smith, Kevin Ballew, Clement Ballew, Frosty Anderson, Steve Morrison & Nancy Sempek


Frosty Anderson called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.



Old Business:

Awards Luncheon: 102 athletes were invited - 57 are attending. This is the lowest number it has been for the last several years. The majority of kids not attending are in the young men/young women age division.


All-Nebraska Team: There have been some issues re: eligibility of the combined athlete for the JO Athlete. A proposal was made to award Combined Athlete of the Year for each age division male & female, the same as JO Athlete of the Year.  Proposed by: Frosty Anderson. Second by: Cindy DeSantiago. Motion Passed. This will begin with the 2006 season.


Bill Scarborough & Doug Martin are being recognized for their efforts to promote & develop youth athletics at the local level. 


2006 Mid-America Indoor Meet:

Will be held at UNL on Sunday, February 26. 11:00 a.m. start time.

Frosty Anderson is looking for volunteers from each club to help work this meet. Deadline for entries is February 17 to John Wissler.


Nebraska Association participation at out of state meets/AAU participation has become something the association must address.

A motion was made to suspend the rule which forbids attending USATF out of state meets on the same day a sanctioned NEUSATF meets is held for the 2006 season.  Motion made by Kevin Ballew. Second by Nancy Sempek.  Motion passed.  This will be addressed at the annual meeting after the 2006 season.


AAU: Current rule: All Neusatf registered clubs are not allowed to participate as an AAU club. An athlete can participate in an AAU meet on his own. The current penalty is to not allow the clubs to register the following year after the rule is broken. This penalty is currently not being enforced. This topic needs to be addressed before our 2006 season.  Frosty Anderson will gather information about how other states are handling the situation. Both sides of the issue need to be presented. A special meeting will be scheduled to address this issue. Please watch for this date, as a decision will be made at that meeting.  If you have information you want presented send it to Frosty or Nancy prior to the meeting so everyone will have a copy when we meet.



Convention reports: 2006 Meets: Regional - Iowa, Junior Olympic Nationals - Baltimore (Morgan State University) Youth Athletic Nationals - Greensboro, NC (A & T University), Cross Country Nationals- Spokane, WA.


2007 meets:  Regional- Minnesota, Junior Olympic Nationals - Los Angeles, CA (Mount St. Antonio Jr. College), Youth Athletics Nationals - Lisle, Illinois (Benedictine College) Cross Country Nationals - Lawrence, KS


Ruth White is having surgery on 1/23/06.  Frosty will keep us all updated on her condition.


Convention: Criminal background screening is coming for all of our coaches. There will be some expense involved in this process. At this time, we are not sure who will cover this cost. If clubs do not follow this process for their coaches, the club will not be registered and Nebraska will not be sanctioned. This is something that will be looked at more after next year’s convention.

2006 convention: Indianapolis.  2007 convention: Hawaii


Master events: Nancy Malone was concerned if she needed to make masters events available at Geneva.  At this time, it was decided that she did not.


Steve Morrison spoke re parking issues at the Lincoln Jets meet. It is a fire department lane & they will issue tickets if we park in the roundabout area. They will allow a tent, etc drop off zone the then rope off the area for this season.

Length of meet: Steve has utilized a later start time of 11am to accommodate Church activities and out state athletes.  This meet cannot be held on a Saturday due to the Lincoln Jr. High track meet.  A later start time will naturally create a later completion time. 

Hytek system: Darwin Gushard put together the records file for this. Meet Managers need to be aware of the seeding changes for the 100, 200 & 400 this season.

The automatic timing system did not work at the Lincoln Jets meet. It is working at this time. Someone will make sure that everything is working properly before the first meet.

A concern was raised over the location of the association shot puts & if we need to order any new ones. Frosty will follow up with John Wissler.


Darwin Gushard has mini-javelins for sale is anyone is interested.


Cindy DeSantiago is our new Membership chair. Her e-mail is:    

A letter was mailed to all the clubs on 1/15/06 regarding registrations for this year.

The registration forms are available on the NEUSATF website.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 4:00 p.m. by Darwin Gushard. Second Clement Ballew.


Minutes submitted by: Nancy Sempek, Secretary